Com/track founder dies at 64

Bill Young, the original founder of Com/track, the godfather of Chicago music companies — Chicago’s biggest and most enduring –died April 20 from gall bladder cancer.

Mr. Young and his partner Dick Reynolds founded Com/Track in the ‘60s when Chicago commercial production was just taking off. It lasted through several incarnations for 40 years until it culminated as Comma.

Audio consultant Hank Neuberger called Mr. Young “one of the greatest talent scouts in the history of music. He nurtured and discovered more people who became successful and noteworthy than literally anyone.”

Over the years, some of the composers who worked Com/track, and spun off to form their own companies, included Joel Raney, Gary Fry and Manny Mendelson, who ultimately owned Com/track for 20 years before selling it several years ago to Comma’s present owners.

Born in Peoria the son of a Presbyterian minister and raised in Highland Park, Mr. Young was an extensive world traveler, and a patron of Chicago theatre, dance and music. He is survived by his wife and daughter. A memorial service is scheduled in May. For details call 773/281-5058.