Columbia’s $21mm Media Production Center

The lighting class of Dave Moravec of Pixel Brothers, a part-time Columbia College instructor for many years, had the distinction of inaugurating Columbia College’s new $21 million Media Production Center (MPC) Jan. 25.

The school on Feb. 5 unveiled its 35,500 sq. ft. facility at 1600 S. State, its first entirely new construction in Columbia’s 120-year history.

Moravec, who previously taught lighting classes in an old stage at 11th and State, called the MPC a state-of-the-art marvel, “offering all the high-end new technology that drives today’s industry.”

“The MPC is a production facility that did not replace any school buildings,” noted Steve Kaufman, the school’s public relations director. “It took programs from the three areas in Media Arts and put them under one roof to help with the integrated curriculum.”

The Center is under the auspices of Dean Doreen Bartoni’s 4,200 student School of the Media Arts, which includes the Film and Video Department, chaired by Bruce Sheridan, the Interactive Arts and Media Department, chaired by Annette Barbier, and the Television Department, chaired by Michael Niederman.