The Colonie’s big Hallmark/Burnett spot package

THE COLONIE’S BOB ACKERMAN edited a Joe Pytka-directed 11 spot mixed media package of Hallmark spots, with a sound track backed by the Grammy winner John Mayer’s song, “Say,” for Leo Burnett.

In the package were 15-second value spots, two 30s, a long-format, 1:45 spot for the Hallmark Hall of Fame, and spots comprised of the 15s for the web.

“The nice thing about Hallmark is that, contrary to trends, they still concentrate on storytelling to elevate their brand,” says Ackerman, who has edited Hallmark commercials for the past seven years.

A 45-second spot, comprised of the 15s, played on the Hallmark web site, and variations of the long format were seen on Wal-Mart and Kroger sites.

Group CD Tom Ponatarelli headed the Burnett creative team of Pippa White, Dominic Lee, Rebecca Hasscamp and Katie Walker. It was produced by executive director Tom Keramidas and producer Jeremy Arth.

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