The Colonie wins a pair of Tellys for Porsche campaign

The Chicago shop’s
Social Media Division
takes silvers for
‘Use of the Vertical Format’
‘Creative Editing’

The Colonie’s work on the Porsche vertical advertising campaign, Curves, was recognized by this year’s Telly Awards with silver wins in the Social Media category for ‘Use of the Vertical Format’ as well as ‘Editing.’

The Chicago-based editorial and postproduction company’s Social Media Director Jimmy Helm and Creative Director Jennifer Moody collaborated with Cramer-Krasselt on the project.

Helm and Moody were provided with a script and a pool of 16×9 footage and they ran with it. They came up with a series of short videos that pushed the boundaries beyond the graphics approach that Porsche had previously taken in the social media space.

The design team created a compelling visual story that maintains the high-end brand’s aesthetic.



Partnering with Cramer-Krasselt
“It was great partnering with the agency’s creatives,” says Helm. “John Doessel and John McKenzie really embraced the idea of reimagining what content could look like in the vertical space and put their trust in our understanding and ability to design unique and stimulating social media content. They gave Jennifer and I the opportunity to do what we do best, which is creating eye-catching, memorable content on all platforms, and we delivered a successful and award-winning social media campaign for Porsche.”

Jimmy Helm and Jennifer Moody
Jimmy Helm and Jennifer Moody

“Building design-driven content that tells an engaging visual story on short-form social media requires an approach and way of thinking that is very different from creating design elements for commercials,” adds Mary Caddy, The Colonie’s executive producer. “It takes throwing everything you know about broadcast storytelling out the window and thinking outside the box to design the most impactful content for each platform.”

“We look at each client’s message from a fresh perspective and focus on creating a concept that takes maximum advantage of the opportunities that social media presents,” continues Helm. “Our team’s expertise working in this genre enables us to consistently deliver innovative content that connects with our clients’ target markets. Providing this level of service has established The Colonie as the go-to resource for a growing roster of social media work.”

The Colonie’s team used Adobe Premiere for editing, Adobe After Effects for motion design and Flame for VFX.


Visuals for Porsche by The Colonie

About The Colonie
The Colonie is an award-winning Chicago-based creative editorial, motion design, visual effects, and finishing house with a seamless full-service approach to creating broadcast and digital content that engages, entertains, informs, and moves audiences. National and global clients, such as Porsche, McDonald’s, Facebook, Samsung, Estee Lauder, Nintendo, Gillette, Wal-Mart and PepsiCo., are just a few of the brands that call upon the company’s collaborative team of talent to deliver compelling visual stories that elevate the viewer’s experience and connects them to their brands across multiple platforms.

Product: Porsche
Title: ‘Curves’
Genre: Social Media
Telly Awards: Social Video: Use of the Vertical Format – Silver Winner
Social Video: Editing – Silver Winner

Agency/Client: Cramer-Krasselt
   Senior Art Director: John McKenzie
   Senior Copywriter: John Doessel
   Associate Producer: Kristin Vayda

Design + Editorial Company: The Colonie, Chicago
   Editor/Social Media Director: Jimmy Helm
   Creative Director: Jennifer Moody
   Executive Producer: Mary Caddy
   Motion Graphic Designer: Jeff Borowiak

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