The Colonie hires artist/designer Ashley Lee

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The Colonie has added Motion Designer and 3D Artist Ashley Lee to its full-service editorial and postproduction staff.

Ashley Lee
Ashley Lee

Before becoming a part of The Colonie’s expanding Motion Design Department, Lee spent two years animating and crafting content for a variety of online platforms at We Are Unlimited.

The experience made way for a seamless transition into the new role while simultaneously strengthening the company’s formidable motion graphics abilities and taking its 3D capabilities to the next level.

The Colonie’s motion graphic department is home to a growing roster of innovative, experienced, and technically savvy designers, 3D artists and conceptual thinkers, skilled at creating content that optimizes the impact of social media, enhances broadcast spots, and efficiently adapts to multiple platforms.



In-house synergy
Prior to bringing Lee on board, The Colonie appointed Creative Director Jennifer Moody as head of the motion graphic design division and signed Motion Graphics Designer Jeff Borowiak.

Under Moody’s guidance, Lee has created a social media package for Facebook, a multi-platform campaign for AT&T out of We Are Unlimited, and social media spots for Toyota Corolla and McDonald’s out of Burrell. She has also worked on projects for Nissan, Chilly Cow, Colgate, and Estee Lauder, and led the 3D work on a video for Havas.

Animation by The Colonie
Animation by The Colonie

“Ashley’s fresh aesthetic sensibilities, strong 2D and 3D animation skills, and collaborative spirit make her a great fit with our team,” says Moody. “Her experience and skill sets align with the expanding needs of the industry. It’s exciting to see our clients’ demand for innovative design across multiple platforms grow along with our well-rounded roster of artists.”

Likewise, Lee finds The Colonie’s in-house synergy to be exhilarating.

“I really enjoy working as part of a team of multi-disciplined talent under one roof,” she says. “The Colonie is an inspiring collaborative environment that gives me the opportunity to get a deep understanding of an editor’s creative vision during the conceptual stage of a project and follow a job right through delivery. As a designer, getting insights and feedback from a mix of perspectives is invaluable. Working here has been a great experience from day one.”

Evolving capabilities
This kind of enthusiasm spreads across The Colonie, fueling a diverse skillset that, according to Partner and Executive Producer Mary Caddy, is essential for a modern creative editing company.

Work by The Colonie for Northwestern University
Work by The Colonie for Northwestern University

“The dramatic increase in the demand for digital ads and social media content shows no signs of slowing down,” she says. “Designing motion graphics (for) broadcast requires very different skill-sets than crafting design-driven stories (for) platforms. Ashley enhances our capabilities and the skills we bring to creating concepts and executing designs.”

“While The Colonie’s roots are in creative editing, we’ve evolved into a full-service editorial, design, visual effects and finishing house that aligns with industry’s ever-changing needs,” she adds. “Clients appreciate the benefits of working with a company that provides editors and creatives with unfettered access to designers.”

Industry Recognition
The 2019 AICP Post Awards Show recently selected the submission of an ambitious concept and design developed by Borowiak for this year’s event. The company’s team of artists created over 100 graphic elements introducing segments for the show’s 33 post-production categories.

“Our talent, coupled with our experience taking the reins of every phase of a project, enables The Colonie to offer brands, agencies, and filmmakers a unique creative resource that they can rely on to provide efficient workflow and engaging content that elevates visual stories for every medium,” says Caddy. “Our goal is to keep raising the bar in terms of talent and creativity. The addition of Ashley does just that.”

Animation by The Colonie

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The Colonie is an award-winning Chicago-based creative editorial, motion design, visual effects, and finishing house with a seamless full-service approach to creating broadcast and digital content that engages, entertains, informs, and moves audiences. National and global clients, such as McDonald’s, BCBS, Facebook, Anheuser-Busch, Nintendo, Levi’s, PepsiCo, Walmart and Bayer are just a few of the brands that call upon the company’s collaborative team of talent to deliver compelling visual stories that elevate the viewer’s experience and connects them to their brands across multiple platforms.

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