Click 3X grows new content division Food@Click

Arby's "Smokehouse," director Stephen Hamilton

Arby’s “Smokehouse,” director Stephen Hamilton

Chicago filmmaker
Stephen Hamilton joins
Vittorio Sacco
and Stef Viaene
on the directorial roster
while Charlotte Omnès
becomes Culinary CD
of Food@Click

(New York — 23 July 23) Click 3X — a renowned production and digital studio — has launched Food@Click, a collective of food stylists, food writers, and other creative and strategic resources.

The new offering expands services for the development and production of visual content for food, beverage, restaurant and other tabletop clients.

This news was announced by Peter Corbett, CEO of Click 3X, which is now part of the CoCreativ family of companies.

Charlotte Omnés — Creative Director
As part of the move, the company has brought on Charlotte Omnès and appointed her to the new role of Culinary Creative Director.

Charlotte Omnés
Charlotte Omnés

Omnès will team with the Click 3X directors, as well as with the studio’s creative directors Aron Baxter and Ders Hallgren, on concepting for food and tabletop projects as well as on assembling teams of stylists, assistants and other highly-specialized food content creators to work in close collaboration with clients and the Click 3X staff.

Vittorio Sacco, Stephen Hamilton and Stef Viaene, Directors
Click 3X has also added three noted food and tabletop filmmakers to the roster: Vittorio Sacco, Stephen Hamilton and Stef Viaene.

Hamilton, Sacco, and Viaene
Hamilton, Sacco, and Viaene

Their signing, coupled with the company’s production and post capabilities, gives Click 3X the ability to produce food and tabletop content in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Philadelphia.

“This will allow us to be agnostic when it comes to handling food and tabletop projects,” says Corbett.

“Whether working with our established agency clients or working direct-to-client, we can shoot all around the country and support each production with full graphics, visual effects, post and finishing (and) an insider’s knowledge of food culture.”

Vittorio Sacco
Sacco is a veteran tabletop and food director who’s worked with major global clients in the US and Europe. Most recently with Somoroff + Studios, he brings a European eye to his work and specializes in the intricacies of filming liquids.


Stephen Hamilton
Hamilton is a Chicago-based photographer and director whose work includes advertising and editorial. Working out of his own fully-staffed and outfitted studio, he’s been a trusted partner of agencies and food brands throughout the US.


Stef Viaene
Viaene is a Belgian filmmaker whose work for brands like Lindt, Duvel, Dove and Nescafe reveals his background in animation, photography and fine arts.


Omnès describes her role as orchestrating a collaborative of food-centric professionals working together to meet specific needs of food industry clients.

“It’s really about putting people together who know how to speak food,” she says. “Combined, we can make something that’s different, unique and on strategy while staying true to the brand across platforms, which will offer our clients great value.”

Culinary creative direction, Omnès adds, is not meant to impinge on the role of an agency CD, but rather to make sure “the food story stays authentic.”

“We connect an agency or brand’s creative strategies with our network of collaborators,” she continues, “and are often brought in early during the concept stage to focus on the culinary narrative.”

Omnès brings an extensive resume and a strong understanding of the food world to her new role at Click 3X. A member of the board of Brooklyn’s Museum of Food & Drink, she’s been in the culinary field for over 20 years and worked as a stylist for 15 years, building a list of resources who offer ideas, treatments, testing and final execution.

Their collective goal is to make sure the integrity of the food stands up and that the final product resonates with today’s increasingly discriminating audiences.

‘With Charlotte at the helm, and with the support of the directors we’ve signed, we’ll be creating a national network of top food content creators,” says Corbett. “Vittorio, Stephen and Stef have years of experience working with food, beverage and restaurant brands, and Charlotte will bring an incredible repertoire of talent to the equation.”

Being part of the CoCreativ family gives Click 3X access to the studios and extensive print capabilities of Industrial Color Studios, Corbett adds. “That means we’ll be able to integrate both stills and motion for food, beverage and restaurant brands, which has tremendous appeal, given the content needs these marketers face for everything from outdoor to mobile to in-store and beyond. We want them, and their agencies, to know that Click 3X now means more than just great design, visual effects and production; we now offer Food@Click, too.”

About Click 3X
Positioned at the intersection of content, advertising, and technology, Click 3X creates engaging film, TV, web and branded content using various disciplines across multiple platforms. Its’ team of directors, photographers, artists, designers, animators, producers and developers is now part of CoCreativ’s Industrial Color Studios, bringing a wealth of new resources, including shooting stages, to New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Philadelphia.

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