CIMMfest excels with 100 pros on 20 panels, May 3-4

CIMMfest has grown 30% this year, its sixth, over last year and no one should be surprised to learn that it aims to become the northern SWSW.  And well it could, considering that this year’s lineup is jam packed with 165 events — 90 film and 75 live bands and DJs and still counting.  

And on top of all that is CIMMCon,  CIMMfest’s two-day, all-day procession of 20 wildly informative and fascinating panels.  With more than 100 leading lights from music, film and technology (a la SWSW) as panelists and moderators, CIMMCon provides unparalleled access to the people who create, market and disrupt the music and movie business.

Conveniently, CIMMCon panel-hopping is made easy by most of the venues being located along a 1.5 mile stretch on or or around Milwaukee Avenue. 

Some Saturday, May 3 panel highlights: 

Self explanatory “The Art of Producing Great Recordings,” at Paragon Studios, offers insights and advice by panelists Danny Leake, sound designer for Stevie Wonder; Ed Cherney, founder, Music Guild of America, Producers and Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy and Jim Tullio, Grammy winning producer, engineer, musician, arranger and composer. Moderated by Michael Freeman of EARS. 


“Behind the Glass with Ed Cherney”–- the above-mentioned, three-time Grammy winner, who has mixed for The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy among hundreds of others – is joined by Michael Freeman exploring the all-important music mix. Also at Paragon Studios.


She’s in the Band: Presented by Boxx Magazine, at Emporium, about the history of female artists and ways the industry may, or may not have changed to welcome a broader spectrum of musicians. 


Panelists: Nan Warshaw, co-owner, Bloodshot Records; Kate Battle, music Business consultant, co-founder of Sosin Battle, and attorney of Battle Legal Services; Psalm One, hip hop artist and Xoe Wise, singer/songwriter. Selena Fragassi, founder/editor, Boxx Magazine, moderates.


“Transmedia Storytelling and Brands: Where Media Dollars Are Moving,” at Chop Shop, how brand leaders engage marketers and content developers to produce a constant stream of fresh, relevant and useful content while maintaining authenticity and staying nimble.


Panelists: John Heinsen, CEO Bunnygraph, Transmedia producer 86th Academy Awards for ABC/; vice-chairman, Producers Guild of America, New Media Council; Mitch Apley, director of broadcast production, Abelson-Taylor; Miguel Gonzalez, strategy director, Havas Worldwide Chicago; Ralph Covert, Waterdog Music, musician/performer. Moderator, Brian Gratch, mobile expert, Alertcaster.

Panels Sunday, May 4:


“Rockin’ Music, Rollin’ Film: Creative Collaborations of Musicians and Filmmakers, at Collaboraction. Filmmakers and musicians, who collaborate on film songs and scores, share tips and insights about their processes.


With John McNaughton, director, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer; Wendy Jo Carlton, director, Jamie and Jessie are Not Together; Lisa Cordileone, actor, producer and Andrew Edwards, film and theater composer, Blue Police Box Music. Moderator, Ken Hale, owner, What the Hale Music.


“A Woman’s Place is on the Set: The Future of Female Filmmakers,” at Collaboraction.  This panel, led by Eva Saha, (190 North) looks at how women take control of their creative futures by making successful indie film projects across all platforms.


Panelists: Wendy Jo Carlton, writer/director/producer (Easy Abby); Lisa Cordileone, actor/producer (Easy Abby), Corrina Crade, CRADEmade Entertainment; Katia Gomez, Cherry Hill Films and Fawzia Mirza (Kam Kardashian).

Click here to see all 165 CIMMfest events. As we said, it’s all free, but to assure a seat, be sure to RSVP here.

CIMMCon is presented in association with the Engineering and Recording Society of Chicago (EARS), Chicago data analytics startup Crowdnoize, and Chicago Actors in Film Meetup (CAFM), a professional networking and support organization.