Chicago Stunt Community punches COVID-19 in face


Right now, social distancing due to the horrendous coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic, is now the norm. But the Chicago Stunt community is finding ways to still be creative while keeping a safe distance.

Inspired by stuntman Aaron Toney, (Avengers: Infinity War/End Game and Black Panther), to create a “worldwide fight,” local stuntman Shawn Bernal (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jungle Cruise, Zombieland: Double Tap (2019), Bad Boys for Life) called upon his brothers and sisters in the Chicago community.

They responded in droves after seeing Bernal’s post on Facebook. The men and women who get paid to do incredible feats from Chicago Med, Fire, and P.D. as well as Empire, Fargo, Station 11 and Next got together (well, on YouTube) and created an outstanding and entertaining video.

Bernal requested that each stunt person send a video of taking a hit to the face reaction and then attack. Bernal then gathered all of the videos and edited them together over two days.

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The result is the 3:55 minute video to the tune of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army. Watch below:

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Shawn Bernal

“What trends on FB and IG these days due to COVID-19 is challenges.  Instead of a challenge to do something like exercises or something really goofy at home, this happened to be a challenge that allowed our community to combine forces to fight COVID-19 and promote social distancing,” Bernal told Reel Chicago.

He add, ” Our Chicago Stunt Team typically gets together to train for our jobs.  Since the lockdown happened, we haven’t had the opportunity to continue our training. Mr. Toney’s idea gave us the opportunity to bring our community back together.”

This sure does beat (literally) Instagram’s Pillow challenge.


  • Shawn Bernal
  • Breck Robinson
  • Brian Jansa
  • Drew Martyn
  • Enrique Guzman
  • Jeff Shannon
  • Jim Priz
  • Richard Roye
  • Kiea Dawn
  • Jordan Hill
  • Kai Young
  • Loren Jones
  • Stephan Roberts
  • Lonzell Cross
  • Tully Bertorelli
  • Will Bennett
  • Jess Blaq
  • Jen Bennett
  • William Shaw
  • Jonathan Kaya
  • Danielle Stahl
  • Antwain Jones
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Nicholas Foreman
  • Nikkilette Wright
  • Nick Maldonado
  • Rick LeFevour Jr.
  • Justin LeFevour
  • Brandon Fierro
  • Brian Barber
  • Brian Neal
  • Nancy Cantine
  • Gabriel Marroquin
  • Matthew Alan Porter
  • Nancy McCrumb
  • Mario Sanchez
  • Madison Freeland
  • Preston Shuttlesworth
  • Colt Crippen
  • Koa Kai Crippen
  • Monnya Silver
  • Jim Storrs
  • Olivia Biird
  • Chris “Jynx” McClure
  • Matt LeFevour
  • Jimmy Fierro
  • Aaron Crippen

Colin Costello is the West Coast Editor of Reel 360. Contact him at or follow him on Twitter at @colinthewriter1