Chicago artists collaborate on Stükenberg’s ‘Rollerskates’

Chicago video production company Leeway Films collaborated with local dance artists and film crew to create a music video for “Rollerskates”, a new song by Houston-based composer and producer Stükenberg releasing today.

In stream-of-consciousness verse, “Rollerskates” describes the moment when a person realizes that a relationship is over and embarks on a soul-searching mission.

The video takes a dreamlike journey through a relationship in reverse, reflecting on the beauty and fragility of a relationship at its most critical point. As background elements move in reverse, Chicago-based dancer Krista Zozulia interprets the journey.



Behind the Scenes
Leeway Films Director Ryan Schwalm made this creative choice to reflect the feeling of being at the end of a relationship that once felt like a dream come true.

Time takes on a visceral quality and you tend to move backward in your thoughts, reliving the worst moments first, before you get to the good memories, then continuing back in your mind to the day you met.

“We wanted to bring the nature of that experience to life in the music video, and since the song is unique and soliloqual, we wanted to do it in a highly personal and original way by having it interpreted through dance,” explains Schwalm. “And we wanted creative collaboration on as many levels as possible, so we took Krista through the emotional journey the character was experiencing but gave her the space to choreograph her interpretation of the story, which is what you see on-screen.”

Watch the music video online via your favorite music streaming service by searching for “Rollerskates” by Stükenberg or watch on the Leeway Films website by clicking on this.

About Leeway Films
Leeway Films is a film and video production company based in Chicago, Illinois. The company frequently collaborates with artists across the country, aspiring to stand distinct by making films and videos that connect on a deep emotional level.

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