Chicago Studio City back in lighting rentals

With “Matadors” and “A.T.S.” headquartering at Chicago Studio City for the duration of their pilot shoots later this month and into April, CSC owner John Crededio reopened Chicago Studio Rentals of lighting and grip equipment.

“We believe that the 30% tax credit will really kick in” and want to be prepared, says Crededio, who since the early ?80s has owned and operated the big West Side studios, the biggest stage complex between coasts.

“We bought a full inventory of equipment,” Crededio reports, “HMI lights, incandescent, the largest to the smallest LEDs, KinoFlos and enough rigging to serve two good-sized features and we will also sell expendables.

“We have enough equipment to handle two shows and eventually we will be a four-show entity and make Chicago Studio Rentals grow,” he says.

The company disbanded its large lighting rentals department in 2004 and brought in equipment when required from two different L.A. rental companies.

CSC’s 100,000-sq. ft. facility is the biggest filming complex between coasts. Most recently it was utilized for “Public Enemies,” “The Beast” TV series, “Nightmare on Elm Street,” “The Unborn” and “Dark Knight.”