Chicago Party Alliance picks up where Sweet Home, Illinois left off for Chicagoans in L.A.

CHICAGOANS IN L.A. will congregate for the Chicago Party Alliance Monday, Sept. 24, at the Peterson Auto Museum, a massive get-together for former Chicagoans who work in the film industry there.

Publicist and former Chicagoan Jonathan Scott helms the event which could host as many as 1,000 guests.

Blues queen KoKo Taylor will be honored at the Party; Joe Mantegna and Adrian Zmed will make the presentation. Comedian Tom Dreesen will host. Mark DeCarlo’s Old Blues Eyes band will perform.

This is the third incarnation of what began as Windy City West in 1987 and flourished for a decade. It remained dormant until former IFO director Brenda Sexton revived it and renamed it “Sweet Home, Illinois.”

Windy City West was originally founded by then-L.A. producer Ginny Weissman, Dreesen and three others ex-Chi-towners. After eight successful years in L.A., Weissman returned to Chicago in 1990 and continues her TV producing career. As she has in previous years, she will attend the party.

DE PAUL IS ELATED that producer Steve Jones will teach a producing course this fall at the school’s Lincoln Park campus.

Jones is currently in postproduction on “The Merry Gentlemen,” filmed in Chicago. His earlier credits include Chicago-made “Quebec” and “Drumboat.”