Chicago out as DGA production center; locals to work in L.A. or N.Y.

In a move that surprised its 275 local members, the national Directors Guild of American wiped Chicago from its list of production centers, along with Wilmington, N. C. ? once the U.S.’ third largest filming center ? and San Francisco.

Just don’t have the feature/TV business anymore to justify it. Revenues from 2003 Hollywood movie business should come in around $15 million in direct revenues.

On the positive side, local members can work outside this third region in their choice of Los Angeles or New York while retaining their right to work in Chicago.

Toronto and Vancouver are also on the list, although the Canadian cities are impractical due to immigration restrictions.

“The move is temporary, for just one year,” said Midwest executive director Dan Moore, and it was “intended to allow members more flexibility as to where they can work, so they can obtain more job opportunities.”

DGA’s local membership must inform the DGA membership department where they want to work. DGA has 12,500 members nationally.