Chicago Motion Graphics Festival will be held “gallery style” at four post houses in January

There’s a whole new take on the four-day Chicago Motion Graphics Festival coming up in late January. Instead of one venue one night, GMGF will present 40 entries in four locations over four days.

This year’s festival, Jan. 18-21, is targeted to agencies and will be held gallery-style at post houses Swell, Digital Kitchen, Daily Planet and Optimus.

Founded in 2003 by super After Effects designer Mason Dixon, the purpose of the festival is “to draw attention to the awesome Chicago post community,” said Caton Volk, who co-chairs the event with Dixon.

Holding the festival at post houses is the main push behind the festival. “It will draw attention to the awesome post community we have here?one of the best things we’ve got going on in Chicago,” Volk said.

“We want to show the best work created all over the world, but we’re pushing Midwest designers. At least half the entries screened will come from the Midwest,” said Volk, a freelance director and event planner.