Chicago-made web series ‘All-American Sex Offender’

CMA Digital Studios and Proteá announce the release of its bad-girl web series ALL-AMERICAN SEX OFFENDER

All six-episodes, directed by Chloe Lenihan (writer: HOW FAR SHE WENT; director: LIFE, COACHED) and co-written by Lenihan and Alex Cannon (I WANT YOU INSIDE ME), are streaming on YouTube.

The twisted romantic comedy follows an impulsive single woman (Chloe Lenihan), who is fired from her job, gets drunk, and ends up peeing in a bush… in front of cops… and kids.  This ultimately, and inadvertently, lands her on the sex offender registry. 

Things move from complicated to perilous when she meets Mr. Right, who knows nothing of her past, but also happens to be running for Attorney General.  Now, she must juggle lies, navigate group therapy, and battle vigilantes in the hopes of finding her happily ever after.  Imagine FLEABAG living in Norman Rockwell’s America.

The web-series also stars Sam Guinian-Nyhart (CHICAGO P.D), Patrese McClain (WIDOWS), and Mickey O’Sullivan (THE CHI). 

Jacquelyn Jamjoom is the Series Producer under her Proteá banner.

“Let’s be honest: who hasn’t popped a squat?” Lenihan jokes.  Kidding aside, public urination is illegal in the U.S. and can land violators on the sex offender registry in several states.  Lenihan continues, “In every screenwriting course, they tell you to select the most difficult obstacle for your character — worst fears imagined.” 

Producer Jamjoom adds, “With everything that is happening in the world today, people want to laugh, and that’s the kind of catharsis this show is offering.”

The show uses dark humor to contribute to the dialogue dominating today’s cultural conversation and investigate the taboo title.  In a culture more concerned with recidivism than rehabilitation, the creators aim to ask, “How do we deal with the worst among us and what happens when we paint that group with a single brush?  What do we do with the ‘Gollums’ of the world – society’s pariahs – and what does that say about us as a society?” 

ALL-AMERICAN SEX OFFENDER is the winner of the inaugural CMADS Content Initiative.  The season one script was a second-round finalist at the Sundance YouTube New Voices Lab in 2018.

CMADS is a management company that grew out of Chicago Media Angels in 2018.  Dedicated to showcasing authentic Chicago voices in media, art, and culture, CMADS was founded by Ted Reilly and Kelly Aisthorpe Waller.

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