Chicago-made music video hits MTV’s top spot

Recording artist Levi Kreis and Sundance filmmaker Davidson Cole combined talents to produce a music video that achieved the #1 Most Viewed rank on last week. Kreis’ “Nothing at All” even surpassed the music videos of superstars like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

The video was shot at Resolution Digital Studios under Cole’s Traveller Jones Productions banner.

“Nothing at All” is a single from Kreis’s “Where I Belong” album, an auspicious title given the work’s high iTunes debut rank last year among the likes of Pink and Kelly Clarkson.

Working on a tight budget, Kreis and director Cole address the give-and-take dynamic of social media in their creative approach for the video. They chronicle the growth and demise of a relationship through moments captured and shared on a Flip camera video blog.

“We were inspired by Levi’s video blogging with fans on his web site, a practice that sparked online discussion on how social media can bridge distance in relationships or steal away time and attention from people who live under the same roof,” said Cole.

“Levi is savvy in social media yet he often questions if artists jeopardize their mystique as they wade into the social media pool. We brought that energy and debate to the video and the response has been terrific.”