Chicago-made holiday film cracks Hulu Top 10

(Tamara Feldman, Matt Trudeau)

This goes to show that sweetness is contagious. Even if its predictable, people like their holiday watching filled with warmth, sweetness and joy. Filmed in Long Grove, Reporting for Christmas, has entered the Hulu Top 10.

Not Hallmark. Hulu, the streaming network for American Horror Story, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Bear. That Hulu.

Reporting for Christmas follows the journey of Mary Romero (Tamara Feldman), a diligent reporter-producer working in Chicago. Mary’s boss, Hank Dean (played by D.B. Sweeney), sends her to fictional Brunswick, Iowa to create a feature about Johnson Toys, a major advertiser for her TV station. The story revolves around the 40th anniversary of the Mistletoads, a beloved toy from the past.

Mary reluctantly accepts the assignment but insists on complete creative control over her work.

Upon arriving in Brunswick, cynical Mary quickly finds herself charmed by the picturesque town, a winter wonderland straight out of a snow globe. Her visit to Johnson Toys introduces her to handsome Blake Johnson (Matt Trudeau), the attractive heir to the family business. Their interactions reveal that beneath the glossy exterior of the toy company, there’s a heartwarming story worth telling.

As the film follows their journey, it reveals that beneath the facade of a toy manufacturer lies a touching narrative that adds a layer of depth to the holiday season. It’s a reminder that the most enchanting stories can often be found in the most unexpected places, just like the holiday magic that surrounds us during this special time of year. Watch the trailer below:

Reporting for Christmas embraces the classic elements of holiday films with competency and a talented cast. As expected, the storyline follows a predictable path, providing viewers with a warm and cozy viewing experience.

While the movie may not break new ground in the holiday movie genre, it’s a delightful and heartwarming addition to the season’s lineup. Just like those beloved holiday cookies your aunt makes, Reporting for Christmas is a film you can enjoy without any guilt, snuggling into your sofa as you savor its festive charm.

So, gather your cozy blankets and a cup of hot cocoa, and let this Top Ten Hulu filmwarm your heart with its festive magic.

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