Chicago Fire is about to see some new cast members in Season 10

Chicago Fire
Brett Dalton and Miranda Rae Mayo (photo credit: Adrian S Burrows, Sr/NBC)

Warning: Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for Chicago Fire episode S10 E14, ‘An Officer With Grit’ which aired Mar 2, 2022.

After the events transpired on Chicago Fire episode 14, An Officer with Grit,when Lieutenant Pelham (Brett Dalton) admitted to Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) that he had made the decision to transfer to House 72, fans have been abuzz on Reddit sharing their theories about casting changes on the show. 

We all knew that Kidd really didn’t want to leave Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) to accept the position at House 72. Even as we were just starting to get used to Pelham as lieutenant, he made the decision for her. Pelham made a switch and opened up the position of Lieutenant of truck 81 so Kidd could have what would have already been hers if she hadn’t blown off everyone while she was hyper-focused on her “girls on fire” program.

While it has not been confirmed officially that Brett Dalton has permanently left the show, it appears that he has moved on to an undisclosed new project in NY.

Fans took to the internet to share their disappointment over his character leaving his lieutenant position. 

Brett Dalton seems to be taking the news in stride and is happy to report that he was working on another project in the “big apple”

With Pelham leaving so Stella can become the Lieutenant of 81, that leaves an open spot for a new character and actor to take her firefighter position.

Back in February, it was announced that Caitlin Carver (Dear White People, The Fosters, ITonya) was joining the cast and it has been speculated that her character, Emma would be a paramedic and that she would begin her appearances in April 2022. With that information, it’s safe to assume that she will NOT be the one filling Kidd’s position.

And with Kidd taking on the role of Lieutenant of truck 81, who will be taking care of the “girls on fire” program she worked so tirelessly to create and build?

To add to the list, fans on Reddit have also revisited the false rumor that Kara Killmer, who plays Sylvie Brett is pregnant and will need to take some time off, also opening up a spot for a new character. Once again, there is no evidence Killmer is pregnant. Neither she, nor her husband and fellow performer, Andrew Cheney have made any sort of pregnancy announcements and the rumor has been floating around long enough that if it were true, we would definitely know by now. To reiterate, Killmer is NOT pregnant and it is not clear how or why the rumor was started.

What we know:

With Pelham leaving and Kidd taking over his position, there is a spot available for another firefighter, yet there has been no announcement made by NBC Universal or One Chicago as to who will be cast in that role. 

We do know that Kidd will be searching for a new person to fill that position as early as Episode 15.

We also know that Caitlin Carver will be joining the cast in April, but we don’t know how long she will be staying. 

Check back, we will have the names of those new cast members very soon.

Chicago Fire S10 E15 The Missing Piece airs Mar 9, 2022,  at 9PM ET/PT on NBC

Chicago Fire executive producers include Dick Wolf, Derek Haas, Todd Arnow, Andrea Newman, Michael Gilvary, Michael Brandt, Reza Tabrizi, Arthur W. Forney, Peter Jankowski. 

Chicago Fire is produced by Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, in association with Wolf Entertainment. Filmed at Cinespace Studios.

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