Chicago filmmakers unleash “Super Narcoleptic” trailer


The trailer for Super Narcoleptic Girl has arrived.

The highly anticipated, Chicago-made webseries “follows the story of a low-level, narcoleptic superhero with the power to make people dance as she struggles to save the day and stay awake,” according to a press release.

Chicago Director Larry Ziegelman (Geek Lounge) helmed the series, which consists of eight episodes shot in four separate Chicago locations, including the Northside apartment of Sarah Albritton.

Albritton and collaborator Catherine “Povs” Povinelli not only cowrote and coproduced the series, but they also star as heroine Keelyn Klein and her sidekick Lee Snow.

Greg Hollimon from Strangers with Candy adds depth to the cast as The Amazing Sting, a giant character in a bee costume.



Besides entertaining viewers with their adventures, SNG will provide audiences with impromptu education about narcolepsy, a condition that affects Albritton personally.

“All of the narcoleptic elements in the series are inspired by my own personal experiences,” she says.

Scenes containing these aspects of the story, according to Ziegelman, were among the most challenging to film. “From a physical standpoint, we had to be careful,” he explains. “We wanted to make sure and do an accurate portrayal.”

But, he continues, the overall mood of the series is comedy, and the co-creators themselves are largely responsible for getting it done.

“I direct a lot of films in the geeky, superhero, pop culture realm, but Sarah and Povs are the masterminds behind this whole thing” says Ziegelman. “Their standup and improv experience gave the script an edge while keeping it lean.”

  • Pat Neff

    Would love to be able to see this show.