Chicago area gets a second art cinema distributor with November opening of St. Charles’ Olive Films

When Olive Films relocates to St. Charles from Richland, Washington in late November, Facets Multimedia, which has enjoyed a quarter-century status as the area’s premiere art film distributor, will be looking at a new kid on the block.

The fast-emerging international distributor of eclectic and hard-to-find cinema also will provide local filmmakers a potential outlet for DVD distribution of their indie films.

Owned by Farhad Arshad and his wife, Chicago native Jennifer Bonino, Olive Films will operate from offices and warehouse in a new 2,000-sq. ft. facility currently under construction.

Initially they will employ five; three of their present staffers will also move to Chicago.

A temporary storage-only facility will serve for extra space until future expansion plans are realized. Their near-future plans also include a public-accessible retail and a theatre in downtown St. Charles.