Cheaper production at better quality

Director and futurist David Rosen returned from the recent L.A. Collision Conference with great excitement over the merging of still and motion HD technologies. He reports on what impressed him.

I believe we are seeing the beginning of a massive and rapid shift. The culprits or angels (depending on your point of view) of the leading edge are Panasonic and Canon.

Both of these companies are offering still SLRs that shoot HD in astounding quality and cost between $800 and $3,000.

The quality is so high that DP Shane Hurlbut used them on “Terminator” and is shooting a new Warner Brothers feature primarily using the 5d and a variety of lenses most notably Panavision Primos and the new re-barreled Zeiss collection.

There are now follow focus, hand-holding and all matter of support available. It’s crazy and it’s a crazy opportunity to facilitate radically cheaper production at enhanced quality.

Shane is shooting his “Navy Seals” feature with eight cameras (5ds) and a crew of 10-12. This is after the $200 million “Terminator,” with a camera department with more than 30 guys and gals. Check out the “Terminator” virals shot with Canon 5D and Nikon still lens at