Chaos Studios gets its feet wet in S3D

Quite possibly one of the first Chicago area company to work in stereoscopic 3D (S3D) is Chris Ryan’s Chaos Studios of Carpentersville.

Ryan, a visual effects supervisor and compositor, says he got his feet wet in S3D by working on compositing computer generated characters into live action stereo plates for a 3D feature being produced by a Canadian production company, whose name he can’t disclose.

The company sent Ryan, whom it located via word-of-mouth, a half-dozen stereo plates of live action scenes, which required rig and wire removals and the integration of computer generated S3D characters.

The scenes had been shot with Red cameras on a dual camera rig.

“We used the Foundry software compositing package, NukeX with Ocula, for our stereo conversions running on a Mac OSX. Ocula allows you to create a disparity map of the left and right eye and determines where the center plane of your stereo image resides,” he explains.

“For most of our stereo viewing through the glasses, you can’t judge color and you lose a lot of light from the screen, but it’s okay for checking your work.”