Animated film helps eradicate dog violence



After screening
for a sold-out crowd at
Studio Movie Grill,
the powerful story of
‘Chance’ heads
to more than ten
markets nationwide

Chicago Director Kenny Roy teamed up with writer Kenny Young to create Chance, an animated film about a peaceful puppy who gets “torn away from his family and sold into the dark and dissident world of dog fighting.”

The 90-minute feature screened exclusively for a pair of consecutive sold-out Windy City audiences at Studio Movie Grill on Saturday. Now it prepares to play in more than ten major markets around the country including New York, Miami and Atlanta.

Chance the movie is a tale told through the eyes of Chance the four-legged main character. After transforming from a happy-go-lucky puppy into a vicious fighter, he embarks on a quest for freedom while standing up for what’s right.



Writer Young and Producer Phil James created Chance to help raise awareness and eradicate dog fighting as a culture and a sport. With the number of four-legged victims increasing in the underground world of dog fighting, they act with a critical sense of urgency.

“The ripple effects of dog fighting are devastating and the violence from it leaves physical and psychological scars that can take a lifetime to heal, if ever,” says James. “We wanted to do something to help end that desolation.”

Young adds, “We know that many of us don’t think dog fighting exists and that is part of the problem. Accepting that this is a very real issue is the first step, then understanding its impact and finding solutions is the only way to fight this epidemic and end animal cruelty.”

Early reviews strongly suggest that the press is down with the effort.


“The character Chance
is a spokesman for anyone
who wishes for a better life
and questions the injustices they see.”


“Animation is perhaps
the most powerful way
to illustrate dogfighting
from the dog’s point of view.”


“The pit bull gets a rebrand”


James and Young are also cofounders of James Young Entertainment, which is credited along with Arconyx Animation Studios as the film’s production company.

James Young Entertainment has also partnered with Chance on a mission to “collectively put an end to dogfighting” by reaching out “across cities, Congress, the courts, and our communities.”

Chance spotlights the impact of the pain and trauma on the innocent victims of dog fighting (the dogs), as well as the communities left to deal with the aftermath.

To purchase tickets for tomorrow’s screening, click here. For more information about Chance, click here.

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