CFM scores with agencies on cost-cutting provision

The Chicago Federation of Musicians (CFM) is holding meetings with ad agencies to inform them about the new, breakthrough union contract provision that saves money on original music for commercials.

The new progressive provision, “52 Week Initial Use Cycle,” contained within AFM’s “Jingles and Spot Announcement Agreement,” was devised to encourage agencies’ use of original music instead of licensed music tracks.

“Agencies can offer their clients competitive options for original music similar to a one-year license,” says CFM President Gary Matts. “This is the first time that agencies are permitted to pay an up-front, flat fee for use of a commercial across multiple platforms.”

“The music landscape has been changing for years,” notes longtime CFM member Greg Allan of Sonixphere and STIR Post Audio, an early union advocate of the need for change.  “The key is ease of use, less paperwork, and simplification.”

To get their message across, CFM is inviting agencies to schedule roundtables and Q&As for their business affairs executives, music producers and supervisors. It is also reaching out to talent payment services.

Leading the meeting will be Dean Rolando, CFM director of electronic media.  He will cover: The cost-effectiveness of this provision vs. a non-AFM contract; advertisers’ all media upfront fee; a waiver for certain types of internet productions; advantage of creating original music for branding; disadvantage to picking music in post (instead of cutting picture to original music) and the union’s assistance in converting a licensed track into a contract spot with musicians’ P&W.

Upcoming meetings have been scheduled at DDB and FCB Chicago. Energy BBDO recently hosted a Rolando-led discussion for its entire business affairs department and Music Supervisor Daniel Kuypers.

Agencies are happy to learn about the changes, says Comma’s Larry Pecorella. “The former agreement’s complexities gave rise to increased licensing and buying library tracks.  The industry was moving faster than the contracts.  Now we have a solution to offset that trend.”

To schedule an AFM meeting, contact Dean Rolando at 312/782-0063, ext.150, or email