Celozzi’s Se7en-inspired thriller set for winter shoot

Actor/producer Nicolas Celozzi

It’s not a Se7en prequel, despite what the title might suggest.  But Nicholas Celozzi II, writer/producer of the thriller 6ix, does not hesitate to make the comparison.  “Both characters in both films believe their actions, as horrific as they are, will bring them peace and closer to God,” he says.

6ix is the story of a woman detective pursuing a serial killer who believes his murders are prophesied in the Book of Revelations. 

“It is layered as Se7en is, less about the action and more about the rationale behind the action,” says Celozzi, scion of the Celozzi-Ettleson Elmhurst Chevrolet dealership (“Where you always save more money”). 

“I’ve always liked thrillers, not necessarily for a graphic payoff, but for the undertone of the character that drove them there,” says Celozzi, an actor whose producing credits include Momo: The Sam Giancana Story, about the life and death of the Outfit boss, who was his great uncle. 

“I like to push the limits till I say ‘I think I’m there,’ then I push a bit more.”

6ix is in pre-production with plans to shoot in Chicago in December and January, pending cast schedules.

Full court press on casting the leads

Director Mark JonesThe film reunites Celozzi with director Mark Jones (Leprechaun), who directed Celozzi’s script Nightmare Boulevard (also known as Quiet Kill), starring Ron Pearlman and Corbin Bernsen, in 2004.  “Mark did a bang-up job on that film, great pacing and threaded the story well,” Celozzi says.

Mary Jo Slater, an Emmy winner for The Outer Limits and Christian Slater’s mother, is casting.  “We are doing a full court press to cast the two leads,” Celozzi says.  “We just started last week but we’re making good progress.  I’m thinking a few more weeks and we’ll have our lead.”

Kirk Shaw (Painkiller Jane) of Vancouver-based Odyssey Media is executive producer. Kevin Cooper (I Heart Shakey) is co-co-producer.  Jeff Bowler, who brought the script to Jones, is handling international sales.