Cell cinema, online, international TV present a tremendous opportunity for short film producers

Short film production and sales is a genuine revolution?an opportunity for filmmakers to exploit an enormous market for 60-second to half-hour films.

This new market exists through a perfect storm of rapid bandwidth improvements, increasingly media-friendly delivery venues and a globalized network of sales outlets.

Hordes of well-known film and television production companies are stepping into the Online and Cell Cinema markets, but they can’t satisfy these new content demands on their own.

But to properly take advantage, filmmakers need to come by a workable understanding its structure and needs.

First and foremost, the “marketplace” is comprised of three separate and distinct markets: Cell cinema, online shorts and international television.

Second?and this is really good news?access to these markets will be less dependent on an accumulation of frequent flyer miles by visiting film festivals than on having a DSL line or a cable modem.