Camera stars lead special Cinespace workshop Oct. 8

Cinematographer Anatas Michos ASC

A big treat is ahead for area film students –- or any interested camera person, for that matter — with the special workshop headed by A-lister cinematographer Anastas Michos and camera operator Lucas Bielan, on Saturday, Oct. 8.

“The great thing is, Anastas is kind-spirited and big on mentoring,” says Fletcher Cameras’ general manager, who organized the workshop, in association with FilmHellenes (Greek Film Festival Chicago!), the Polish American Film Festival  (Bielan is Polish), Kodak and, of course, Fletcher.

The cine stars are coming here from Detroit, prior to their Oct. 10-Nov. 10 filming of the remake of the 1976 feature, “Sparkle,” about Motown Records and The Supremes in the ‘60s, starring American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks and comedian Mike Epps.  Whitney Houston is in talks to join the cast.

Michos, a New Yorker, has a lengthy list of credits as a DP and camera operator. They include “Jumping the Broom,” “Texas Chain Saw Massacre 3” in 3D (his first digital capture with an Alexa from Fletcher), “Interview with a Vampire,” “Cadillac Records” and many more.  

Michos is also big on expanding diversity on film crews, especially women (only 3% of ASC members are women).

Bielan, who lives in L.A., similarly has an impressive resume, including “Public Enemies,” “Hancock,” “Transformers 1 and 2,” “Battle for Los Angeles” and “CSI: New York.”

Cinespace is the designated venue, and the cost for the workshop is $25, which generously includes lunch.

To RSVP and receive any additional information, Email