Camera Ambassador presents Heart to Heart: Lens to Lens

Heart to Heart returns for its second iteration, empowering BIPOC, Femme, and LGBTQ+ film industry newcomers.

Sponsored by Mad Panda Lab and Monet Productions, Heart to Heart: Lens to Lens is a Panel Discussion and Introductory Session to the Camera Department.

“I love serving our filmmaking community,” says Camera Ambassador Founder and CEO Erica Duffy. “With this year’s Heart to Heart, I’m excited to be really giving young filmmakers an inside look at the camera department.”

Saturday, April 22, 2023, 2:00-5:00 pm.
Camera Ambassador 
2425 West 14th Street #unit b
Chicago, IL

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A panelist of filmmakers working in the camera department will be moderated by Filmmaker Kala Bradford, who will ask them about their career journeys and about their experiences in the film industry.

Then, audience members will have the opportunity to partake in introductory sessions led by the panelists themselves: Cinematographer Jessica Tolliver, Camera Assistant Rosaleah Gonzalez, and Camera Utility Kiki Lam. At these stations, participants will be introduced to the skills needed in camera, including: camera builds, pulling focus, swapping lenses, running camera output to monitors, slating best practices, and more.

“Last year we hosted the first Heart to Heart, which was an amazing opportunity to create a safe space for underrepresented creatives,” says Camera Ambassador Client Relations/Marketing Associate Rey Tang. “I can’t wait to take part in that feeling of camaraderie again.”

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