Business flies sky high for Filmontage’s unique ?boutique video studio’ in a very unusual locale

Filmontage’s Vladimir Van Maule wants you to fly the friendly skies of? Naperville?

Van Maule lives in Naper Aero, an exclusive airplane community of 100 homes in the western suburb where every home has a small plane, two runways and a hangar instead of the conventional SUV and two-car garage.

“We’re a boutique video studio,” says Van Maule, a director/camera/editor who’s lived/flown in/from Naper Aero for 10 years. His studio, however, is uniquely different.

When Van Maule’s Cessna 182 is parked outside, the hangar is transformed into a 2,000-sq. ft. sound stage. Clear span, of course, it has an 18- ft. ceiling, a lighting grid and a 30X40 hard cyc.

The hangar, like a conventional but very large garage, is attached to the overall 7,200-sq. ft., four-story contemporary house and occupies about a fourth of the space within the house.

Within that space are the amenities of a large Green Room, conference and makeup rooms; a Final Cut Pro HD editing suite and sound room, and offices for the staff of four, including Eva Van Maule, Vladimir’s wife and production manager.