Business exceeded expectations for 2010

After a dismal and unpredictable 2009, the local visual media industry didn’t know what business twists and turns to expect when 2010 dawned.

“Business had taken such a hit in 2009, we had no place to go but up in 2010,” recalls Larry Whitlow of Show Department/Resolution Digital Studios. And to everyone’s surprise and relief, up it went and hasn’t stopped since!

Depending on the type of business, the uptick was first noted with surprise for some in the first quarter of 2010. For others, it wasn’t until summer’s big business spurt that they realized the economy was undergoing positive change. Unemployment numbers were declining, third quarter corporate profits were the biggest ever and advertising suddenly sprang back to life.

“Everyone talked about a slump and guess what, we’re out of it,” proclaims Beast Editorial’s Melissa Thornley, who says “this is our best year in three years” ? and Beast isn’t alone in saying that.

Thanks to a steady stream of features here for three days or three months, it was Essanay Studio & Lighting’s “best year ever,” says Wayne Kubacki. And Zoe Borys of Fletcher Camera chimes in with, “This is the busiest we’ve been in 25 years of camera rentals.”

Red Car’s Craig Duncan recalls “2010 came in with a roar. The first quarter was good, November was off the charts and this was our best year in terms of overall business.” At Chicago Recording Company, “Business exceeded our expectations,” says executive producer Rose Razel.