Burrell and the new Toyota Camry ‘Strut’ for pizza

Although the Toyota Camry has traditionally been perceived as a “vanilla” kind of ride, the 2018 model’s bold look inspired a striking multi-channel campaign from several agencies, including Burrell Communications Group.

Titled, Strut, it highlights emotions as consumers become compelled to drive the new Toyota Camry for all the “wrong” reasons.



The campaign will cover multiple media channels, including broadcast, cinema, social, print, digital and out-of-home placements.

According to a press release from the auto giant, the fully integrated campaign was developed under Total Toyota (T2), the total market model that creates a cohesive marketing approach between Toyota’s agencies of record, including Saatchi & Saatchi, Conill, Burrell Communications and interTrend C.

“The launch of the next-generation Camry is incredibly important for Toyota, and we wanted to create a campaign that matched its excellence and the excitement of the new design,” Toyota group VP of Marketing Ed Laukes said in a published statement. “Sensations perfectly conveys what people will feel driving the new Camry.”

Burrell Chief Creative Officer Lewis Wiliams added that the new Camry delivered something else that inspired Burrell’s creativity.

“The All New 2018 Redesigned Camry comes with something no Camry has had before: swagger,” he explains. “So, an everyday errand like a pizza run has a whole new attitude. We highlighted the story with John Cena’s track, ‘You Can’t See Me.’ Driving home the sensation of what it feels like to strut when you’re behind the wheel of the New Camry.”

Experiencing digital Sensations

Burrell didn’t just limit the new Sensations campaign to broadcast, which is becoming more and more obsolete in this digital age.

In this five-part digital campaign, an attractive couple — along with a mysterious deep-voiced announcer — takes users through various Camry “love lessons,” adding a salacious flair to their attraction for the “hot and sexy” Camry.

This is combined with an innovative print and OOH campaign.



What works nicely about this entire approach is that Burrell and Toyota avoid telling consumers how it feels to drive the all-new Camry, instead opting for evocative imagery that clearly conveys a specific feeling generated by some aspect of the Camry’s styling, safety, technology and performance.