Burns celebrates “Fashion Man” Vincent Falk in debut documentary from her Zweeble Films

When she saw “Fashion Man” Vincent Falk running toward the middle of the State Street bridge before a tour boat passed on the river below, Jennifer Burns knew she’d found the subject of her first film.

“He had to get there in time to do his show,” Burns recalled. “He had this huge smile on his face. Whatever you have to say about this guy, he does what makes him happy. I want the film to convey the pure joy of living.”

Falk’s show is a performance for passing tour boats, showing off his array of brightly colored suits and running through a stylized ritual of movements. “First he waves, then he does several spins, takes off his suit coat and twirls it around his head,” Burns said.

The as-yet untitled documentary is the inaugural production from Zweeble Films, the production company founded by Burns, who has been a stage and film actor for nine years.