Burnetters produce “labor of love” music webseries

Artist Marc Scibilia “In the Bed” of the truck stage

“In Bed With” is a new web performance-music series developed by two Leo Burnett creatives and edited by The Colonie, featuring singer/songwriters, artists and groups that plays on Vimeo and other internet sites (see below.)

The “Bed” in the provocative title isn’t what you might think. It refers to the open bed of an old 1973 Ford pickup truck that serves as the “stage” for the artists’ performances.

“In Bed With” was created by Debbie Mudd, a 16-year Leo Burnett veteran CD. She serves as the series producer and on-camera show host. Co-writer Jake Brusha, a Burnett producer, who is also a musician, directs and shoots the episodes. The Colonie’s Keith Kristinat edits the series that they all regard as “a side project.”

The unfunded series, which began shooting last year, is a true labor of love,” declares Brusha. “Our team does it because we believe in the idea and want to help champion these amazing musicians, not to mention it’s a heck of a ride!”

Mudd finds the bands. Performers in the current series are a mixture of emerging artists and some who have played for decades: pop singer/songwriter Griffin Peterson (‘Take Us Away”); White Mystery and Leagues, rock; Marc Scibilia, pop/rock; Jelly Roll, hip-hip, Siewalk Chalk, hip-hip funk; Jimmy Burns, blues; Dawn & Hawkes and Elephant Revival, folk.

On their road trips, they try to feature local talent, Mudd notes.

So far a dozen episodes, approximately 6-minutes in length, have been completed and are on the internet. They were shot in Chicago, Nashville and most recently in Detroit.

Producing an acoustic, live show in the real world has not been without its challenges, Mudd acknowledges. When they needed to rent a no-fee piano free piano rental for Charlie Coffeen of Sidewalk Chalk’s performance, they found a baby grand on Craigslist.

“We trekked out to Forest Park to pick it up and shot the performance in the parking lot behind the Rio nightclub in West Lakeview, she says.

Sound is recorded by freelance engineer/sound designer Nealle DePaolo whose choice of recording equipment, he says, “is dictated by each unique sound environment, as much as by the specific needs of the group that’s being recorded.”

Kristinet estimates he spends about two weeks editing an episode.

The team is always looking for artists to feature and “we try to shoot an artist once a month,” says Mudd. “Coming up, we will be releasing sessions from Humming House, Jeff East, Sainthood and Bushy One Street and new artists from sweet Motor City.”

Production credits: Art director Kailyn Downen, a Burnett production designer; photographers Bruno Pieroni, a freelance CD and Emma Arnold, an ACD at Weber Shandwick. Sound recording by Nealle DiPaolo. The Colonie: EP, Mary Caddy; editor, Keith Kristinat; color correction, Lauren Malis. Additional mixing, Ali Cedroni.

Watch more videos here: Griffin Peterson /’Take Us Away;’ Elephant RevivalLeagues.