Burnett, Sarofsky kick off new Pedialyte campaign


Gator-who? Power-what?

I did not know this. Apparently for the last 50 years, Pedialyte, from Abbott Park, IL-based Abbott, has served as the go-to rehydration solution for athletes.

A huge Pedialyte fan, Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. has teamed up with the over-the-counter brand to tell the story of its unprecedented rehydration results.

“I learned about Pedialyte from my mom,” said Beckham, “and since then I’ve been turning to it not just when I am training or playing, but also when I’m traveling, whenever I need it — because it works. Now, I’m excited to tell my fans all about it.”

In a new campaign created by Leo Burnett and MSL, Chicago, Beckham will serve as a brand ambassador for Pedialyte, and he will act as a creative director for the brand, contributing to marketing, content and product development.

The partnership kicks off today with Abbott’s national announcement and a creative OOH campaign, created by Chicago’s Sarofsky, going live in Times Square, nodding to Beckham’s former team and turf.

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“The secret’s out that Pedialyte is evangelized by athletes in locker rooms nationwide as a great option for advanced rehydration,” said Chris Calamari, vice president, and general manager, Pediatric Nutrition at Abbott. “And working with OBJ to share that message was a natural choice for our brand. He’s a huge fan of the product, crediting its use to help him in his quest for optimum performance. We’re excited for OBJ to bring his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the Pedialyte brand.”

Beckham is regarded by many as one of football’s most electrifying players. He was selected by the New York Giants in the 2014 NFL Draft and quickly became a household name.

During his career, he earned three Pro Bowl appearances and was named second-team All- Pro twice. Beckham’s dynamic playmaking and star quality will continue to amplify his profile as a rising sports legend and cultural icon.

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Client: Abbott

   VP Creative Director: John Florek
   Senior Art Director: Zach Basten
   SVP, Account Director: Chrissie Bonaguidi
S   enior Account Executive: Evan Nelson
   Senior Producer: Tony Grossman
   VP, Director, Celebrity Services: Peggy Walter

   Managing Director: Amy Cheronis
   SVP, Communications Director: Lynsey Elve
   Senior Account Supervisor: Lily Merritt
   Senior Account Supervisor: Kat Peevey
   Senior Account Executive: Erica Hoey

   Erin Sarofsky, Executive Creative Director
   Steven Anderson, Executive Producer
   Duarte Elvas, Creative Lead
   Josh Smiertka, Designer/Animator
   Tobias Mattner, Animator
   Andrew Rosenstein, Producer