Burnett and Samsung’s cure for “Low Battery Anxiety”

“Low Battery Anxiety” – is a syndrome plaguing mobile phone users

“Low Battery Anxiety” – is a syndrome plaguing mobile phone users

I’ve been in this situation way too many times. I’m streaming Netflix on my phone streaming Spotify and suddenly my once inviting Green Lantern-green battery icon changes color into a vile Satanic red. I sweat trying to finish up my hike and song or search desperately in the dark for my power cord.

Then wham! My phone is deader than the zombies I’m playing in TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead.

According to Leo Burnett Chicago and their client Samsung, I am not alone. The stress that sets in when cell power diminishes is a common syndrome called “Low Battery Anxiety.”

The answer – wireless charging.

This segues to Samsung’s new spot “Don’t You Die on Me” by the award-winning agency that demonstrates the human benefits of the fast wireless charging technology, pioneered by the brand, with cinematic drama and suspense.

The gripping spot, from Art Director Carlos Murad, Copywriter Kent Carmichael and director team Hoffman/Metoyer, follows viewers engrossed in gripping movies on their phones.

Just as key characters run into life or death situations – “Don’t die on me!” – the low battery sign starts flashing. Low battery anxiety sets in as the desperate hunt for a phone charger begins, complete with its numerous challenges.

The solution? Samsung’s Fast Charge Wireless Charger Convertible that the final watcher easily places her Samsung Note8 on as her movie continues uninterrupted.  

“Samsung is always innovating ways to remove the barriers of everyday life. Our job is to tell the human stories behind the technology. Why is wireless charging amazing? Because when you’re on the edge of your seat, immersed in a movie, your phone should live to see every twist and turn too,” says Britt Nolan, Leo Burnett U.S. Chief Creative Officer.

According to an article on AndroidCentral.com wireless charging has been one of those tech advances that many people tend to ignore for two reasons. No Android phone that supports wireless charging has ever included a wireless charger in the box, and wireless charging was never considered as a faster alternative

The agency hopes to get users to begin considering the benefits of wireless charging and leave the drama for the entertainment they’re watching. This spot is a great start.

The campaign dropped October, 23.


Client: Samsung 
   VP, Global Marketing Team, Mobile Communication Division: Heesun Kim 
   Director, Global Marketing Team, Mobile Communication Division: Jessie Song  
   Manager, Global Marketing Team, Mobile Communication Division : Cindy Kim 

Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago 
   Campaign: ”Don’t You Die On Me” 
   Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel 
   US Chief Creative Officer: Britt Nolan 
   Creative Director, AD: Carlos Murad 
   Associate Creative Director, CW: Kent Carmichael 
   Senior Producer: Michael Petrucelly 
   EVP Global Account Director: Radim Svoboda 
   Global Account Director: Huy Ngo 
   Global Account Executive: Leif Nelson 
   Senior Strategist: Anthony Tharpe 
   VP, Director of Celebrity Services: Peggy Walter 
   Director of Music: Chris Clark 

Production Company: MJZ 
   Director: Hoffman/Metoyer 
   Director of Photography: Ryley Brown 
   Executive Producer: Eriks Cumins 
   Line Producer: Tracy Broaddus 
Editorial House: Whitehouse Post 
   Editor: Matthew Wood 
   Producer: Lauren Connolly 
Post Production: MPC LA 
   Executive Producer: Christian Downes 
   Colorist: Ricky Gausis 

Music Artist: Arvo Part 
   Sound Design: Whitehouse Post & Another Country 
   Mixer: John Binder 

Lauren Rasch
   Assistant Account Executive

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