Bulls videos entertain with insider’s view of players

The currently playing Chicago Bulls’ video, “Rookie Days,” seen all over the internet, telling what it was like to be a rookie player in the player’s own words, is one of 25-30 pieces produced by BullsTV during the season.

The edge the outfit possesses is in the insider’s view of Bulls players showing their human side that’s usually only displayed in snippets during normal media access times.

BullsTV, the team’s in-house production arm, was formed in 2009 by senior executive producer Brad Siegel, a TV sports pro of 17 years and senior executive producer Josh Kahn, a multiple Emmy and Tellies winner who was named in the list of 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30.

Located within the Bulls office at the United Center, BullsTV employs five full-time staffers and a gaggle of freelancers, to produce a variety of content for over-the-air, cable, online and scoreboard presentation at the United Center.

“Our goal is to entertain the fans with content,” says Siegel. “We go behind-the-scenes to show that the players aren’t just the incredible physical specimens as seen on TV, but that they are really good human beings who have a lot to offer.”

Kahn says he tends to look at the players more as collaborators. “When you can get the core of what is important to these guys, that’s when the best content comes out and they’re the most candid and comfortable. They see the product and there’s a high level of trust.”

BullsTV is currently working on a final commercial for its 50th 2015-2016 season campaign that mainly focuses on the team in the 1990s.

An initial trio of 30-second spots followed a “keystone” 60- second spot narrated by John Paxson, president of basketball operations and a prominent backcourt veteran of the Bulls’ first “threepeat” championships from 1991-93.

“We’ve produced one video for every decade,” says Siegel. “We’ll also be acquiring content on our upcoming West Coast trip to highlight the different aspects and intricacies of back-to- back games and the grind that most fans don’t usually get the opportunity to see,” he says.


Besides Siegel and Kahn, staffers are associate producer Chris Ramirez, associate editor Katian Sandoval and assistant producer Cody Madsen.