Bucktown woman feels safer with Nic around

Nicolas Cage is stalking me! He’s outside my Bucktown apartment morning, noon and night ? everytime I look out my window, or walk out the door – there he is! Luckily, I think the police are onto it because they have my street blocked off and there are big spotlights on him!

In fact, I think the whole neighborhood knows about the impending danger as they’ve begun to gather in the streets to watch him! (And we think Americans are only out for themselves?).

The police must know it’s going to take awhile to bust him because there are all these catering trucks with donuts and coffee to keep them energized and alert. I have to say, although this hasn’t been easy.

I feel safer now than I did before he started stalking me. I guess things always do work out for the best.

Okay, so this has been my thrill for the week. Nic (we’re on a familiar first name basis now) and Michael Caine are filming “Weatherman” on my half of the block.

Deb Mason, Account Executive, Woman’s Day Magazine

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