Bryen Hensley becomes part owner of NoiseFloor

2020 has already brought about new and exciting changes at NoiseFloor LTD. For the first time since opening the doors in 2005, the River North sound facility is adding Bryen Hensley as part owner of NoiseFloor effective January 2, 2020.

Co-owners Jamie Vanadia and Cory Coken announced the addition of their new partner in a press release issued today.

“This was a long time coming,” says Coken. “When Bryen joined the company in January 2017 this was on the table, but we took our time with it and made sure the time was right.”

A 27-year veteran in the post audio business, Hensley has worked in a number of post houses and now brings that skill and knowledge to NoiseFloor.

“We have a lot of new things happening this year and we really wanted Bryen’s input on an ownership level,” says Vanadia.

“When Bryen joined NoiseFloor in 2017 he immediately became a part of our family because we had worked with him in the past,” adds Katie Waters, NoiseFloor Creative Producer. “He brings a different voice to the conversation and I am really excited to see where we go as a company not only in 2020, but long term as well.”

Hensley’s relationship with Coken and Vanadia goes back a long way. “I’ve known Cory forever, we practically grew up in the business together,” he says. “Jamie and I have known each other for at least 20 years. I worked with them a lot over the years in different capacities, so I am very familiar with their company and things they can do. Coming to NoiseFloor three years ago was a very comfortable fit for me, and now becoming part owner was just a natural progression for us all.”

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“This company is fearless, there isn’t anything in the world of audio that we are afraid to take on,” he continues. “This team is the best in the business and that is a big part of why I was so eager to do this,”

NoiseFloor continues to build on their outstanding reputation in all aspects of sound. Last year the studio completed four feature films, including Girl on Third Floor, as well as Tom of Your Life.

The company also continues to do great things in the video game world, including substantial work on Bungie Studios’ Destiny and a new project from a local video game developer. NoiseFloor has also completed hundreds of commercial spots along the way.

NoiseFloor is a full service production and post production audio company. The current staff has two location audio mixers/sound editors, Victoria Salazar and Jeff Ryan; Creative Producer, Katie Waters; Composer/ Music Supervisor, Devin Delaney; and Sound Designer/Mixer Stosh Tuszynski.