Bruce Willis hits town to promote — vodka

Bruce Willis, who has defended hostages in “Die Hard” and bartended bar at Manhattan’s Kamikaze while attempting to break into New York theatre. Now in Chicago Aug. 11, the action star will blast his way into Binny’s Beverage Depot in Lincoln Park.

As international spokesman for Sobieski Vodka, the star’s mission is to promote the brand at a cocktail party and raise money for charity.

At the upcoming soiree, when Binny’s will be closed for private event guests will be served cocktails made with Sobieski Vodka, along with champagne and appetizers.

Willis, the star of blockbuster films including “Armageddon” and “The Sixth Sense,” will also toast Binny’s recent renovation. The largest liquor retailer in the Midwest has expanded its selection and lowered prices.

All proceeds from the charity reception go to the Foundation for Retinal Research, which seeks treatments and cures for degenerative retinal diseases. A series of retinal image art photographs, taken by ophthalmic photographer PJ Saine, were featured in the Bruce Willis/Halle Berry movie “Perfect Stranger.”

Willis has a multi-partnership with Sobieski and also owns a 3.3% share in its parent, Belvedere, S.A. The rye-based liquor, which generally retails for $10.99 a bottle, has been marketed in the U.S. since 2007.

The star also filmed a series of humorous black and white videos, which can be seen at