Brian Bullock starts new CGI-3D post company

AFTER NEARLY A DECADE as Cutters’ CGI director, Brian Bullock has left to start re:think post, quite possibly the city’s first company specializing in creating 3D elements for spots, product demos, end tags and full CG pieces for brand identity packages and, of course, web content.

Bullock, re:think post’s CGI director, refers to his new company as “the wave of the future in CG — a global think tank focusing on flexibility and quality.”

Located in the West Loop, re:think post opened with more than 100 processors — one of the largest render farms in Chicago, and one of the biggest rosters of CG artists from all over the world.

“We want our clients to get the best 3D in town without the high cost of the big post houses of yesterday,” he says. “No post house has the same quality of 3D that we have, with the same cost flexibility. The market trend of flexible spending is nothing new.”

So far, re:think post’s clients include Motorola/Wirestone, Abbott Labs/Williams Labadie and Telly-winning work for Herman Miller/Fairly Painless Advertising.

Contact Jessica Simmon, marketing, 773/316-9828 or Brian Bullock 708/289-1059, Email