So your brand wants to be a social media rockstar

Be interesting and share relevant topics

Be interesting and share relevant topics

Social Media Strategist, Lorna Sheehan, worked as a Promotional Events Coordinator for eight years before launching digital media company Big Broad Media, LLC. She uses creative, outside-the-box thinking to produce interesting media campaigns to help her clients increase their sales and visibility.

Ever wonder how some people get so much more attention than you on social media?

I mean, you’re just as interesting as they are, right? What do they have that you don’t?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you’re not alone. With Twitter reporting 330 million current active monthly users, and Instagram with a whopping 800 million, many people want to know how they can get some of that clickery love for themselves.

Whether you’re looking for help funding that new film project, or just want people to see the photo you’ve posted of yourself in a bathtub filled with Cheese balls, you want those clicks! Keep reading and I may just be able to shed some light on how you can be more engaging and get those clicks.

Be interesting!

Lorna Sheehan
Lorna Sheehan

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “Why would anyone want to see this?” If your content isn’t intriguing enough for you to want to click, why would anyone else want to? There is always a way to make your post more interesting while still being accurate.

An example of a title no one wants to click on (except maybe your Nanna): “My 12-day vacation at the beach!” UGH! You’ll be in No Clicksville, USA for sure!

An example that may get many to view your boring old photos: “Found this cute little pussy on vacation!” The pic is of you and a cat that you came across, or you on a beach towel with a kitty on it, or a cloud shaped like a kitty over the beach you’re lying on. It’s not a lie, and may even give people a little chuckle once they see it.

They may just want to see more from you…click! You just gained a new follower! Just think about the most interesting part about the post that you want people to see, and tell them that. Think about it for a couple minutes before posting. Trust me, the audience you want isn’t going anywhere; you’ve got time.

Share relevant topics!

If you don’t already have a specific agenda, regarding your social media accounts, but just want to become a little more popular, you may want to find the best stories and post about them. This could make you look like you’re in the know, and someone that others want to seek out and emulate. Wondering how you’ll find these stories? You didn’t think I’d just toss this suggestion out there without throwing you a little bone, did you? I have a great source that you may or may not have heard about.

My go-to site for finding top stories and great information is called, Alltop. This is a website that aggregates all the most talked about stories on the web. Alltop allows you to create a list, called your “personalized magazine rack,” where you can choose from 32,000 sources, to create a page with all your favorite websites, blogs, etc. This is your very own page, which you are then given a URL to share all your favorite things with others. So, if it’s information you seek and want to share, Alltop is your site.

Realize the power of hashtags and interactions! Simply creating a post with an interesting title or topic is just a start! You also need people to be able to find you. You’ll do this by adding hashtags throughout your post. You’ll want to use many relevant hashtags containing the actual name of the subject and anything you can think of that’s related. This helps people with the same interests find you, making you feel like the belle of the ball.

Next, use the search box to seek out people using the same hashtags and follow those people. Interact with them by liking their posts, tagging and/or mentioning them in some of your posts. They will definitely notice you at that point; just don’t overdo it. If you’re too annoying, they may just block you…no one wants that.

Becoming a social media rock star takes time, so, be patient, be interesting, be relevant, and go hashtag yourself!

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