A brand new corporate TV studio for 11-year-old LaSalle Bank Video Department at end of the year

While most corporate in-house studios have gone the way of the Kem and 2-inch tape, LaSalle Bank’s Video Department has not only endured, but it will re-emerge as a new, updated studio in the fourth quarter of 2005.

The new studio will be located within LaSalle Bank headquarters at 135 S. LaSalle St. after a series of other Loop locations.

The bank is expected to make “quite a bit of an investment in a new studio,” but Department director Patrick Odom said it’s premature to talk about the details.

Chances are it’ll be a hi-def operation since they’ve been taking advantage of emerging technologies, said Odom, “especially for internal-exposure projects. People recognize the quality.”

The 11-year old operation currently has a staff of three: Odom, who joined in 1994; producer Rana Segal, since 1999, and assistant producer Michael King, a 2002 addition.

Odom, Segal and freelancers cameraman Pete Biagi and soundman Rich Pooler just returned from a three week shoot in Sao Paulo, Amsterdam and London on a 10 minute video, “Integrity in Action.”

“We shot five stories in the native languages of Portuguese, Dutch and English for a 10-minute video called ?Integrity in Action,'” said Segal.

After editing by Ken Hall of Rivendale Editorial, the video will be distributed throughout LaSalle parent ABN Amro’s vast international network of financial institutions.

The department produces LaSalle Bank-sponsored community activities. Many are races?the annual LaSalle Marathon being the most notable?and golf tournaments.

On the arts side, they videotape the “Do It Yourself Messiah” and the kids of Gallery 37’s artistic endeavors, such as the seasonal painting of the wall along the Kennedy Expressway, and the occasional PSA.

The Video Department had a production studio at 201 S. State until it was flooded out in October 2004. Moving again shortly, they’ll be ensconced at 181 W. Monroe until the new studio is operational.

Phone is 312/904-9952.