Boo hoo! MovieMaker magazine ignored Chicago
in its list of 10 top American cities for filmmaking

Chicago was MIA in the current issue of MovieMaker magazine’s list of the 10 best American cities to live, work and make movies.

Here we are, with the most diverse locations, generous tax incentives, experienced crews, tremendous acting talent, excellent film offices, award-winning postproduction?everything a producer could want to produce a film of any genre.

We were dissed. Ignored. And if it eases the ego injury any, Los Angeles, the film capital of the world wasn’t listed, either.

Granted, MovieMaker’s bias favors the independent filmmaker, but the major L.A. studios are equally desirous of saving cold, hard cash. How can any producer resist bountiful incentives, rebates and free services, big new stage complexes and overly accommodating film offices.

The survey, conducted by writer Lily Percy, gives us a good checklist of what Chicago is competing against. And keep in mind that old saying, “money ain’t everything.”