Bonny Dolan, music artist/agency collaboration expert, heads Comma’s new licensing division

Bonny Dolan, artist liaison and executive producer at newly formed Fix, a division of Comma Music, has a job many would kill for.

She introduces popular established and up-and-coming artists to agency creatives where they can talk up close and personal about a branding idea, endorsements or song licensing?an exclusive Chicago service.

Launched in April as a music supervision and licensing service, Dolan calls the new arrangement “one-stop shopping for an agency,” as Fix also complements Comma’s original music and Particle division’s sound design.

She cites the coalescing of a current project that came through an L.A. agency: Fix did the search and licensing for the songs required, Comma created additional original music and Particle handled sound design.

“Through Bonny’s long-term relationships at major talent agencies and labels, Fix has access to a nearly complete roster of major label artists, both established and up-and-coming,” notes Bryan Rheude, Comma creative director/composer.

Internationally recognized as an admusic expert, Dolan, who is also Comma’s executive producer, spent the last seven years with Leo Burnett as VP/ director of the Artist in Residence program and a producer in the Music Aid Department.

With Fix and Comma as her bas, Dolan exercise her extensive industry contacts in facilitating strategic relationships, or as she puts it, “matching the right artist with the right brand.

“We’re getting a great reception,” she says of meetings she’s facilitated between 10 artists to date and creatives in Chicago , Los Angeles and Detroit agencies.

“Going one-on-one really works as the two sides can talk directly to each other, instead of going through their managers and agents.

“We can cut to the chase this way. We can say, here’s what you want, here’s what they want. This person is interested in what you have to sell,” she adds.

Dolan can’t talk about the product or the specific artist yet because she’s in the process of negotiating deals between the entities. Once a deal is set, Fix is paid by the artist’s label or the agency.

Dolan first learned the music business by working at major recording studios in Chicago and Los Angeles. She went on to produce for some of Chicago’s top music houses before joining Burnett.

“We’ve known Bonny for many years in different capacities, and she really has become an international figure-head for music supervision,” says Comma CD/composer Larry Pecorella.

In fact, in May was a panelist at an international “Bands and Brands” seminar in Stockholm, Sweden and appeared on the recent SRO Billboard panel in Chicago.

Fix?Comma and Particle?are located at 320 W. Ohio; phone, 312/642-5117. See