Blue Chip and Daisy recast cottage cheese in new single-serve campaign

A new TV campaign created by Blue Chip for Daisy Brand for Daisy Brand aims to make busy adults re-envision cottage cheese.

The “Grab a Daisy” spot features three different households where family members reach into the fridge for the brand’s new single-serve varieties and traditional tubs of cottage cheese to the tune of the brand’s now familiar jingle, “Only Daisy cottage cheese will do.”

Timed for the New Year and healthy eating season, the campaign will run nationally on linear and connected TV, YouTube and social media. The effort aims to attract younger consumers (35-54) looking for healthy snacks, energize the category and set Daisy apart. Daisy is the first cottage cheese brand to introduce single-serve varieties with real fruit.;. Daisy single-serve cottage cheese comes in strawberry, pineapple and blueberry, and soon will be available in peach. The fruit fills a separate compartment in the tub, so consumers can mix as they like.

“We’re redefining the category by pairing great tasting real fruit compote with the nation’s best-selling cottage cheese,” said Ben Sokolsky, Brand General Manager at Daisy. “Our new single-serve cottage cheese are a perfect high protein, low sugar snack for busy people,. The quality, taste and complete eating experience are first-class. This brightens the future for our category.”

Blue Chip based the new campaign on a comprehensive segmentation study that identified three predominant profiles: busy moms, active dads, and fitness-focused women. The :30 and :15 spots feature a person from each segment grabbing Daisy single-serve tubs from the fridge, then enjoying the combinations in their respective ways – dad in the kitchen amidst chaos with the kids, a fitness-focused woman on the couch with her golden retriever, and mom in the kitchen (before the kids run by and snatch her snack).

“The key to changing the perception is getting people to see themselves” said Darick Maasen, Creative Director at Blue Chip. “We used the refrigerator as a portal into different worlds, framing varied situations while still focusing on the product. So ‘grab a Daisy’ is the action rather than a copy point. We’re depicting real moments with identifiable characters who are already comfortable with fruit and yogurt as options. The message is they’ll love how versatile and customizable the product is, there’s a Daisy for everyone – even kids.”


Daisy Brand General Manager, Sales and Marketing: Ben Sokolsky 

Daisy Brand Marketing & Consumer Insights Director: Erik Christensen

Daisy Brand Marketing Services Manager: Kellie Watson

VP, Group Creative Directors: Jason Geis, Joel Walker

Creative Directors: Darick Maasen, Mairin Donovan

Executive Producer: Debbie Heagy

Account Director: Kate Hearn

Account Supervisor: Steve Hund

Production Company: Anonymous Content

Director: Jason Koenig

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