Bix Pix’ “calculated risk” moving to L.A. paid off as their “Holidaze” TV show airs Dec. 9 on ABC

The holidays couldn’t be happier for Kelli Bixler and her Bix Pix Entertainment. The Chicago stop motion/clay animation company, located in L.A. since last May, has an ABC special airing Dec. 9.

“Holidaze, the Christmas that Almost Didn’t Happen” is an hour animated fantasy that might be the forerunner of a series of Bix Pix holiday specials.

Bixler calls the journey “quite amazing as we produced the show in six months.” Fifty people, included six animators, worked on the project for 14 weeks.

Director was David Brooks, one of the seven Bix Pix staffers who left Chicago with Bixler when the company relocated to L.A.

The Peter Murietta story is about holiday icon rejects including Rudolph’s little brother, Rusty, a dim bulb?voiced by Fred Savage?who’s trying to find his place in the Christmas scene, who hooks up with other forlorn icons: Albert the Turkey (Harlan Williams), Mr. C of Valentine’s day (Paul Rodriguez), Halloween’s forgotten Trick or Treat (Brenda Fong and Emily Osmond) and the Easter Bunny’s Candy, voiced by Gladys Knight.