Bigger Picture adds directors Humbi Entress & Martines

Directors Martines and Humbi Entress

The Bigger Picture has emerged from the complexities of 2020 to lean in to enhanced storytelling with the addition of two new directors Humbi Entress and Martines. Both bring a global perspective and award-winning, original style and voice to their collaborations via the LA-based company, which also features Directors Caswell Coggins, Jones, Amir Mokri along with a collection of affiliated creators.

“If there’s a lesson in 2020 – and there were many – it is that storytelling is vital and cinematic communication carries us forward,” says The Bigger Picture Founder Tracy Mays. “Both Humbi Entress and Martines are at the top of their craft – creating original and inspiring work that connects brands to audiences genuinely, and with entertainment value.”

Humbi Entress — the passionate snowboarder, surfer, adventurer and art addict — started his career with snowboard films and documentaries. With his first films in advertising, Humbi earned awards at the Swiss National Awards, and producers and agencies took note as he started filming projects for clients around the world. Entress’ wide and impressive range of projects are inextricably linked to emotive and passionate characters that reveal human truths. He is an expert in working with real people, integrating them authentically in narratives with natural surroundings.

Here is his latest spot for BKW:

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According to Entress, “I enjoy exploring – relationships between people and nature, the contrasts we see on the surface vs the things that connect us on a deeper level – and taking audiences along for the journey. I’m excited to also seek out new terrain with my collaboration with Tracy and The Bigger Picture.”

Frank Martin Schmidt – known as the artist moniker Martines – was born in Germany and spent his childhood in New York. His lifelong passions: film and sports. Martines began his career as a journalist, working for German television and filming documentaries both as a camera operator and director. This experience enhanced his storytelling intuition and ability to capture moments of humanity. A robust career in advertising soon followed, with Martines’ astute ability to hone story a key facet to his success in short-form collaborations, with an emphasis on joyful exuberance and the beauty of culinary experiences. His films derive magic from ideas based in everyday situations, with story-based narratives that are frequently visual, often humorous, and driven by an intuitive gift for casting and rhythm. He loves the intimate collaboration that comes from working with agencies and clients, and has a genuine interest in understanding the context, history and voice of a brand.

Here is his latest spot for Müller Chocolat:

“Taking a closer look or seeing things from a different perspective, can transform the ordinary into the unexpected,” notes Martines. “Whether creating a magical landscape or connecting to the playful fun of sharing great food, I strive to invite the audience in to the experience. That experience includes the many creative partnerships to make campaigns come to life – and that includes finding the right production company as your home away from home.”

In addition to new signings, Mays and her team are celebrating compelling work from the represented directors including Caswell Coggins’ wintery ode to football (soccer) for Sky Sports and the ultra-stylish Switch:

Midwest Rep:
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Heart Brains and Nerve

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