Best 48HFP teams win 27 Judges and Audience Awards

Judge Adam Fendelman and winner Megan Sampson (photo: Trayvon C. Printis)

The 12th annual Chicago 48 Hour Film Project wound up with a presentation to 27 winning teams, out of 53 entrants, whose short weekend-made films were deemed best by judges and audiences, at Music Box Theatre last Thursday night.

“It was an amazing show and the talent, enthusiasm and excitement that our Chicago filmmakers brought to the competition was truly inspiring,” comments Jerry Vasilatos of Nitestar Productions, who produced the event for the second consecutive year.

The Judges Awards’ engraved crystal trophies went to 17 category winners and audiences voted for 10 films to receive framed certificates of their awards.


BEST FILM, DIRECTING & CHOREOGRAPHY: Team leader Sergio Torres; Kick a Rock for “Lyrics Nickels and Dimes.”

BEST FILM RUNNER UP: Team leader Joseph Reed; Decent Exposures for “Humans & Resources.”

ACTOR: Felix Mayes winner; team leader Farina Suarez, Mighty Mouse Media for “The Good Folk”

ACTRESS: Rose Sengenberger winner; team leader Keveh Ryndak, Otherly Pictures and SPECIAL EFFECTS for “Blood Magic”

WRITING and GRAPHICS: Team leader Jarrad Quadir, Hack Magic for “The Sex”

EDITING: Team leader Renato Velarde, Seriously No One Cares About Your Red Camera for “Cuddlebooshmax v. Jigglejammer Ltd”

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Team leader Rubin Whitmore, A.I. Wisconsin for “Filth”

SOUND DESIGN AND COSTUMES: Team leader Meagan Sampson, Galaxy Maps for “Funny Money”

SCORE: Team leader Patrick O’Sullivan, Drinks on Monday for “Bloodspray”

USE OF CHARACTER and USE OF PROP: Team leader Amanda Ratliff, Unsolicited Advice for “Blood Actually”

USE OF LINE: Team leader Zacharia Persson, Tom Selleck’s Mustache for “Iris”

Judges selecting the winners were Ted Riley, Chicago Angels; Ericka Mauldin, producer Edit Talent Group; Adam Fendelman, editor of Hollywood Chicago; WGN producer and doc producer Amy Guth of Strangewaze Productions; Gabe Mendoza, radio host of WLUW Morning Rush Radio and film critic; Vasilatos and event assistant producer Vivian Vougiouklaki.

AUDIENCE AWARDS, to winners in five screening groups of 10 films:

Group A: Brown Wolf Productions, Samai Tessitore, for “Breakthrough” (Fantasy); Visual Disturbance Productions, Michael Liane, for “Lightnin’ in a Bottle” (Sports Film)

Group B: Saikouba Entertainment, 14-year old Kaiden Jarjusey, for “Blast from the Past” (Slapstick); The Guacamole Conspiracy, Joel Sacramento, for “Cicada Man” (Superhero)

Group C: (555) 555-5555, Kevin Hricki, for “My Father’s Dream” (Fish Out Of Water); Eight Twelve Productions, Art Medina, for “Turning Tricks” (Dark Comedy)

Group D: Definition Studios, Richard E. Calk III, for “The Beat” (Detective/Cop); Eschflix, 9-year old Malachi Eschmann for “Into the Game” (Dark Comedy)

Group E: 31219 Productions, Christopher Magura, for “Taking Time” (Superhero); Time Tent, Mandy Wetzel, for “Time Tent” (Time Travel).

Chicago is one of more than 150 worldwide cities world that holds an annual 48 Hour Film Project. Winners from the 150 Film Projects will screen and compete for prizes in the four-day 2017 Filmapalooza in Seattle next March.