BBDO’s Mike Roe up to bat as director on Sox spots

Sox TV broadcaster Ken “Hawk” Harrelson and pitcher Mark Buerhle

Energy BBDO’s Mike Roe hit a double header writing and directing client White Sox’ new currently airing “All In” campaign.  It’s the second year Energy’s group creative director was up to bat as director on the team’s commercials and “it was a blast,” Roe says.

“Directing uses a different set of muscles and it’s very rewarding, like the difference between coaching and playing.  Taking it on was always a creative challenge, because you’re problem-solving all the time during the process,” he says.  

The White Sox’ current branding “All In” campaign is more cerebral than rah-rah retail spots that sell tickets and convey the fun of going out to see a game.  The theme is based on a comment made by Sox general manager, Kenny Williams, at a pre-season press conference.

“Kenny remarked on the ‘All In’ philosophy and attitude that the players draw from iconic moments in recent seasons that inspire and demonstrate determination, endurance and commitment,” Roe says.  “Then someone said, ‘all in’ — that’d make a great tag line’ and we picked up on it,” says Roe.

Produced by Dictionary Films for the third year, three of the four commercials were filmed Feb. 24-25 at the team’s spring training at the Camelback Ranch-Glendale in Phoenix 

“Quiet Leader”  featuring first baseman Paul Konerko began airing last week.  In the spot, Konerko inspires an exhausted jogger not to give up his commitment to their daily runs, by showing him the play when he was hit in the face with a pitch, when down to the ground and continued to play.

Catcher AJ Pierzynski in “Definitions”Colorful star catcher and fan favorite AJ Pierzynski makes his third annual spot appearance in “Definitions”  talking to the camera describing what being “all in” means to him. 

A fourth spot with designated hitter Adam Dunn will air shortly.  

Not filmed in Phoenix but at a local supermarket was “Inspired” in which pitcher Mark Buehrle reenacts his now-famous defensive Opening Day play.

Cutters’ Carl Schumacher, who edited the campaign campaign spots, calls Roe “a collaborative director, who brings a lot of fun to the project.  He was very open to me showing him the scripts in different ways.”

For Energy BBDO, Dan Fietsam was ECD, Kelly Lose produced.  

For Dictionary Films, Megan Maples was executive producer, Pat Fisher produced; Patrick Casey produced for Cutters; Sol handled color correction and finishing, produced by Neil Cohan; artist was Brian Higgins.