Barrett puts finishing touches on new Oak Park stage

With a hearty laugh, Brad Barrett said he’s “about $15,000 away” from finishing the construction of his 7,200-sq. ft. AGLS (for A Great Lighting Stage) in Oak Park. Soundproofing and a cyc will bring it to completion.

Nonetheless, AGLS had solid commercial bookings in January, and February is shaping up nicely.

Barrett bought the building at 22 Lake St. two years ago for a bargain $250,000 and subsequently invested another $250,000 in renovation.?It would have been finished a lot sooner, he said, “if movies hadn’t come up that took me on locations for two months at a time.”

Even without soundproofing, the stage is production-ready. It has a large, stainless steel restaurant-style kitchen, two dressing rooms, two conference rooms. Stage ceiling height is 16-ft., clear span.

AGLS also offers an assortment of studio lights, from small peppers to old MGM 10Ks, from the Brad Barrett Lighting inventory. He plans on offering a video camera package shortly.

Average daily rates are currently negotiable. But prices will be low when the stage is finished, he said, because he wants to entice producers to Oak Park “and take a look at what we have.”?One selling point is the tax-savings by shooting outside of Chicago.???

Barrett, incidentally, lit the cavernous St. Luke’s Lutheran church for the for the nationally televised Christmas Eve show produced by Big Shoulders.????

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