Bank heist comedy feature opens door for Hossain to produce Bangladeshi TV series here next year

Farhad Hossain’s independent feature “Za Thake Kopale” (“The Fate”) could be his ticket to producing a 52-episode TV series here next year.

Hossain, who runs the production company Chicago Bioscope, is in talks with three TV stations in his native Bangladesh to broadcast “The Fate.”

If all goes as planned, some or all of the stations will finance Hossain’s family drama series “I Am Going to Win” for Bangladeshi broadcast.

“They’ve already approved the script and the cast,” Hossain said. “Once they’ve broadcast ?The Fate,’ they’ll pay me for that, and they’ll pay to produce the series.”

Hossain produced Asif Khan’s shorts “To My Mother” and “Kankal” (“The Skeleton”), an adaptation of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s short story, which were broadcast on Channel I.